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Skin Therapy

Introducing our skin therapy services.
Each service is customized to your individual needs
to achieve your skincare goals and an experience
you won’t forget.


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DermalStem Regeneration Signature Facial - $130

Our most advanced treatment with results unlike any other facial. In our youth stem cells are robust and responsive keeping our skin at its best. As we age the ability to repair diminishes due to having fewer regenerative stem cells. Bone marrow stem cells are the only stem cells that produce correct signals to heal and drastically reduce inflammation. Our signature treatment combines the forces of nano technology along with bone marrow stem cells to actively treat signs of aging, acne and sun damage along with decreasing inflammation in the skin. Recommended in a series of 4 treatments spaced every two weeks for best results.

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Aqua peel hydradermabrasion facial - $119

One of the most sought after treatments in the spa industry! During this treatment you will experience an exfoliation procedure using air and water at a high speed. The three specific treatment solutions used aid in a deep cleanse, increased hydration, breakout control, collagen production, improved skin immunity and repair to damaged cells. The treatment also works to drain your lymphatic system, remove any toxins. It will aid in the removal of dead skin cells and blackheads, whilst also working to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and plump the skin. During our Aqua Peel Facial your skin will also be introduced to galvanic current. Galvanic current uses a light current to stimulate your skin cells, soften your skin, and drive medicines or creams deep into the layers of your skin.


Puls’d signature facial - $90

This powerful treatment uses Galvanic Current to stimulate blood circulation, refine pores, and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without the need of injections. It works in conjunction with special conductive cotton sheet masks filled with plumping and hydrating active ingredients! These sheet masks become turbo-charged penetrating product deeper in to the skin.


Dr. Alkaitis Berry Power peel - $75

Transform your skin using the Dr. Alkaitis Vegan line. All products are bio-dynamic harvested to ensure maximum efficacy not only allowing you to love your results but the treatment as well. Relax and unwind while you are taken on a guided journey with aromas such as lavender, marigolds, oat buds, berries, and native African grasses. A truly healing experience to rid the skin of cellular debris to enhance product penetration and achieve an overall radiant complex. Great for all skin types.

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Routine skincare signature facial - $70

A unique, well crafted facial perfectly designed to treat unbalanced skin. Whether you suffer from signs of aging, dry, dehydrated, sensitive or acneic skin, this facial helps feed your microbiome healthy probiotics to create a harmonious balance. Your skin will be introduced to our Routine Skincare line formulated with an FDA approved lab, packed full of the industry’s best ingredients.

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Suit and Tie signature gentlemen’s facial - $65

Meticulously designed with the best and most effective products in men’s skincare; leaving no detail unaddressed in order to transform and optimize a man’s skin-health in real-time. A custom blended masque created with Burke Avenue’s – Moisturizing Shave Cream provides the foundation for this facial that serves to heal, cool and revitalize the gentlemen’s face, including those with beards. The cream’s 11 Essential Oils & Hydration Butters blended with other custom ingredients (like, hyaluronic acid) come together to create a unique healing treatment for men whose skin is exposed to routine shaves. Experience the difference. Made for men, by men.


Bespoke Customized facial - $65

Your skin is unique to you and your treatment should be as well. Your licensed esthetician will dive deep in to your routine in order to build a treatment that defines you.

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C BEE D Signature facial - $50

CBD is taking over the skincare industry for many reasons. We've been on the hunt for the perfect CBD product to introduce to you and we have finally found it. This month's seasonal facial introduces the skin to our newest professional enzyme - Garden of Eden Exfoliating Mask. A truly powerful exfoliation designed with spinach, whole pineapple, mint and green tea leaves aid in brightening, anti aging and reducing inflammation. Following your exfoliation, your service provider which CBD mask is best for your skin. The "Aereum Luna" or Black Mask includes raw cacao, activate bamboo charcoal, and reishi mushroom all combine to reduce inflammation, treat acne, and deeply hydrate. The "Anima Solis" or Gold Mask includes turmeric, rose hips and match green tea to aid in reducing the appearance of age and sun spots, increase the performance of the barrier function and combat excess cellular buildup while promoting skin cell regeneration.


Organic Youth Kids facial - $20

Because your young one deserves a littler pampering too! We have a strong passion for teaching kids the benefit of having a healthy routine and that taking care of yourself is important. We have partnered with 86 Cold Press, a locally owned juice bar, to create an organic yogurt based mask used during their treatment.

*Ask about hosting a birthday party in our space!*